Reader Testimonials for
"How to Get Lots of Money For Anything - Fast!"

Important Note to you from Stuart Lichtman, Author, "How to Get Lots
of Money for Anything - Fast!":

The testimonials you are about to read come from readers of the ebook, the 4 advertised bonus ebooks and the 9 bonus unadvertised ebooks, that are all available over the Internet.

Everyone achieved these "seemingly miraculous" (but actually, perfectly predictable) results mentioned in the Testimonials by using Cybernetic Transposition™, the core human technology you will learn in the main ebook.

A lot of people wonder why so many of the wonderful things these people refer to don't have anything to do - directly - with money. Here is why:

Cybernetic Transpositon (or "CT" for short) is an all-purpose technique that unstoppably aligns all the forces of the human brain in the smooth and relentless pursuit of an objective. Whatever objective you choose.

In fact, so many other objectives are possible to achieve using CT that I include (as "unadvertised bonuses" - that is, unadvertised on the Web site) 9 separate ebooks about things like

  • Finding your perfect partner (in business, or in life)
  • Losing weight
  • Finding your True Self
  • Getting the perfect job (in any market)
  • And even, the secret of being lucky in life!

Please bear that in mind as you read the Testimonials below. Truly, you can use CT to get (just about) anything you want, as long as it is not destructive to you or harmful for others. I don't say that lightly - and you will see that the people whose testimonals are listed below (a small fraction of our thousands of readers) agree with me.

Best Success,

Stuart A. Lichtman

P.S. If you like what you see and would like to enjoy some of the same results yourself, please realize that I would like the same for you as well!

Not only that… I would be pleased to include your Testimonial in this list in the very near future!

Now, here are the Testimonials from actual readers of the ebook:



"Hi Stuart,

"Just yesterday my Internet orders increased ten times. I was averaging 4 online orders per day. Using your techniques, I envisioned a time when this happened several years ago. Within 12 hours a newspaper published an article about my website. Then 12 hours later a TV station did a story and included the website information. From out of nowhere orders came pouring in. I have envisioned my PO box stuffed with orders by mail, since it takes 3 days for snail mail to arrive, I expect it to happen this Monday. WOW Thank you!!!"

Gary Nave
The Cost Containment Research Institute


"Hi Stuart,

"Yes, you can share my story.

"Today as I expected my mail box was packed full of orders 229 orders. WOW! Our average Monday mail is less than 80."



"Hi Stuart

"Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. Your list serv message just arrived and prompted me to let you know of my successes so far.

"My Story -

"I wasn't planning on spending any more money on any other books for a while. I've got 100's. But there was something about Joe's letter I couldn't resist. He knows how to write! So cutting this short I bought the book.

"Next day I finished my daily work 'to do' list about 6 PM and started to read the book. From page one I just got the feeling that Stuart really did have the missing link and I started to do exactly what he suggested - as I was reading.

"I didn't want to be to 'greedy' so I worked out an achievable goal that felt right. I've got the original piece of paper in from of me now. It reads "I want to make an extra $1125 this month while working 15 hours per week. Please make this or something better happen in ways that are of the highest good for me and of everyone else concerned."

"Well, it was now 9PM and I decided to go home for the day. I just turned on my mobile phone and within 30 seconds of it being turned on my Mum called me. It was the first time she had tried to call me in 4 days. She told me that a cheque from my insurance company had arrived earlier that day and it was for £2,200. This was the payout of a 20 year 'cheap' savings plan. It wasn't due to mature until the first week in November.

"The story of the cheque is that my Mum and Dad lent me the deposit for my first house years ago. In return, on maturity, they would get the money I borrowed from them plus the premiums paid and I could keep the balance. The balance was £709 plus the odd pence. = $1096

"OK, I didn't 'work' for it - but it arrived. Freaky or what?

"Where it gets even better is this. Last Thursday I got one of the 'unadvertised' bonuses about being more lucky. This will blow your mind!!

"On Saturday I took Tina out to finally buy her an engagement ring. (She's waited long enough) We saw two rings she liked one at £199 and another which was reduced from £350 to £250.

"Tina decided to get the more expensive ring because I liked it. And she deserved more but I couldn't afford the £500 ring she really liked.

"When I went to pay for it, the salesman told me he couldn't sell me the ring because it had been wrongly priced. I asked to see the manager and pointed out that the Sale of Goods Act is very specific. Combined with the Trades Description Act the manager was duty bound to sell me the ring at the advertised price.

"She went off to make a call to head office and came back telling me I was correct and that she was sorry for the delay.

"The ring we bought for £250 was worth £999 :-o Is that lucky or what ????

"And of Friday. Using the same principles I secured a £26,000 order for a new network installation including computers and ongoing support contact. The original enquiry was only worth £20,000. The directors had told me if I wanted my pay rise or a £2,000 bonus I had to increase sales by an additional £5,000 this month. They thought with a week to go their money was safe :) HA HA.

"My next goal is to read more of the book.

"Who knows what I'll achieve when I get past Chapter nine.

"Thank you so much for writing this book Stuart. I'll keep in touch."

Kevin Polley



"Hi Stuart,

"It's early days yet, but I've just had an amazing change in my business prospects.

"After a year of hard struggle to develop my new consultancy in helping leaders win hearts and minds, I have developed a number of communication consulting services to feed my family as I continue my research and marketing.

"With several major companies expressing interest, but not going further at this point, I was looking at how else I could package my concepts. At the same time, two of my communication clients had financial reverses and went inactive; one couldn't even pay.

"Fortunately, I had held firm to my original goal and had been visualising and acting on it all along. Your Cybernetic Transposition method brought this understanding together and added tremendous power to this process.

"Last week I shared with a friend that I was more confident than ever in my business and concepts, and was marketing with increasing enthusiasm. He phoned me a day later with a fabulous referral, and I've now agreed to work for several months in one of the most influential organisations serving the precise market I want to develop. The money is great, but the opportunity to position my concepts from the inside of this market is fabulous.

"This opportunity materialised as if by magic. I now realise that losing the other clients gave me the space to take up this opportunity.

"I'm now setting bigger goals for my business, and am moving to set goals for weight loss, fitness, and life balance.

"Thanks for your part in this.

"Best wishes,"

Geoff Kelley



"Stuart, Cybernetic Transposition has been a blessing in my life! In my first attempt using the Super Achievement Target component, I set what seemed to be a very difficult, if not impossible, target, given my circumstances.

"However, my Inner Anchor Point assigned the task to my unconscious and I went about my daily business. The deadline I set for completion of the task (a certain amount of money, or better, to come within my control for the highest good of all concerned ) was October 31, 2002. On October 25th, the task was completed at six (6) times what I had asked for.

"Still there is no logical explanation of 'why' and 'how' Just lots of reasons for gratitude."

Caroll Alexander



"A salesman writes ...

"I decided on a target of having my biggest commission in December, ever.

"My income for the month was about 40% more than my previous December. And December is usually a good month for me, to begin with.

"But the fact that I reached the goal is not the thing. What was different was that it was *completely effortless.*

"Besides that, I've never had such a profound certainty about the outcome of something that was so important to me. I really wanted this when I started, yet I attained a sense of complete detachment.

"This is really cool.

"And, I've learned that money isn't that big a deal - it's NOT that hard!"

Robert Michon



"An executive facing an uncertain future tells his story...

"I have been involved in sales and sales management with a large UK blue chip insurance company for the best part of 15 years.

"I am, by nature, what I would call a very positive person. However, just before Christmas last, I was told that all the management structure was about to change, and that all our jobs were all technically over.

"At the age of 48 with a lot of young blood in the division, it looked like my days were numbered.

"So what do I do now?

"Then I came across your email. I was always a bit cynical about these type of things but realised this was not a get-rich-quick scheme, but that it DID put you in charge of your destiny.

"I paid my money and got my download, and it was great reading. A lot of the things were what I already knew, but it focussed me in ways that I never experienced before.

"Needless to say, I followed it to the letter.

"I sent a letter to my director highlighting my skills and experiences that I knew were required for the jobs that would be left. The major plus of the changes were an increased salary and bonus of £25K above my present income. The job was obviously demanding.

"Three days before we were due to be told our future in our company, I got a phone call from the Chief Executive of our major account, offering me a job working for him in a top role.

"As you can probably guess, I got the the job offer from my company. The rest of my colleagues were not so fortunate, the whole team was made redundant at the end of 2002.

"I have decided at the moment to stay with the company, at least for the next few months. This is because I see my future getting better every day, because that's the power of Cybernetic Transposition.

"From no job to a far better one and two offers of alternatives, it is the best investment I can remember.

"Thank you, Stuart."

Lindsay Hugh Doyle



"I have now been working with your ideas for a couple of months, now. I think they are INCREDIBLE MAGIC.

"My top goals really don't have much to do with money, and the title didn't really appeal to me, but I am nonetheless extremely grateful that your ideas (so far!) have helped me to create the kind of harmony in my daily life I have only dreamed of.

"My days are more peaceful, they flow better, I get more things done without fighting with myself. I'm happier.

"THANK YOU. I would recommend your material without hesitation. I think you have shared a very profound gift."

Beverly D. Chiu



"I'm starting really slowly at this. But I was so keen the first week I read your book that I thought I'd try it out on selling my car.

"We had a 18 month old Landrover Discovery car - a luxury car in the UK. It had been on the market for 3 months. We'd spent over £ 300 advertising it. We had not had one single phone call. We decided to stop advertising.

"I did the CT exercise, coming up with a few blockages that I sorted out. I immediately got a phone call, but the caller was not willing to pay the asking price. So I repeated the exercise, writing it out fully one hundred times.

"I had put a time limit on it, 'by this Sunday..' On that very day, I came home from work in the evening to see a sign in the car window 'Sold' Somebody phoned that day, came to see the car, put a deposit down there and then. We sold the car for the asking price just 3 days after the written CT exercise.

"Thank you."

Shirley Hiscock



"I wanted to let you know that, using your Basic Achievement Process, I've already surpassed the income target I set for myself for this month and it looks like I'm actually going to FLY right past it -- probably about 50-70% more than I'd targetted. And if you were to ask me right now if that FEELS like success, I'd be just like the kid who just learned to ride a bike. Wow! Woo!"

Rebecca Fine



"I decided to put some of the insights to work immediately. I'm in sales and wanted to double my commissions that week. I did that and more.

"I took the rest of Nov. off to study what I was doing. I decided I wanted to create a miracle and win the Powerball Lottery. I did what I thought was necessary. One of the most profound and frightening moments of my life happened when I saw 3 of the balls slide down the chute exactly as I envisioned.

"I panicked, and cut the momentum off. It scared the absolute bee-jeez out of me and I realized it was something I simply am not prepared for. (I thought I was.) If I had been, I wouldn't have gone ballistic. I decided to back off from the miracles until I know what I'm doing.

"I started putting the process to work doing more everyday things.

"I've tripled my monthly sales commissions. My income has effectively doubled. I found a contractor (a good one, but has had some bad luck recently, that I could afford...$12.00 an hour) to work on my house. Normally in my area they go for $50-$75 per hour, they are booked months in advance. I couldn't afford the labor fees before I manifested him. A friend of a friend who came out of the blue.

"Joy, peace, and harmony are much more apparent in my life right now. People are starting to look at me strangly...I'm always smiling! I'm realizing that life is an exquisite ballet which I am choregraphing every second. That each moment, is something which I custom-designing just for myself, and holds infinite meaning and opportunity.

"I am, having the time of my life. Thank you.

"This process (after a month and a half) seems to becoming more and more automatic. Many times, especially while driving, I will realize I need something.(job related, personal, whatever.)

"Automatically, (it seems) I target it, frame it, internalize my wish, then forget about it. I only remember I have done so when it appears. 'Oh yeah, that's right. I DID manifest that ------- didn't I?!'

"This now has happened more than once. The time between wishing and fulfilling also seems to be getting shorter.

"None of this I can explain. Yet it is easily explained all the same. And truthfully, I'm not sure I want to.

"Everything happens in a natural, non-aggressive fashion. Truly 'in the best interest of all involved.'"

David Sieg


'I ASKED FOR $8,000 AND GOT $12,530!'

"It's so amazing! I didn't think your theory will work for us. However, I want to test for myself. So I pick up a high goal for $8,000 by the end of January 2003. I practice to write my goal over 100 times everyday. At the beginning, I feel puzzled about that, but I use tools to clear my block.

"But I was wrong! I didn't call anybody for my service. Sales rush in silently. I couldn't stop! I have get nearly $12,530 at the end of January 2003. It's so amazing. Thank you for your work and wisdom!

"All the best, "

Daniel Williams,
crystal shop owner



"Hi Stuart, let me just say your product is amazing and has literally turned my life around. I now have so much confidence and it comes from an inner knowing that I can now achieve absolutely everything I've always dreamed of. Within 3 weeks of using your techniques, I now live in a house I've always dreamed of and what is better than that is I know this is just the beginning! This email wasn't intended to be a testimonial, it all just kind of popped out, so please free to use it for this purpose if you wish.

"Thank you ever so much,"




"Just wanted to let you know of the beginnings of a success story. I am in a very difficult situation with my ex-husband. His name is still on the stock certificate of the apartment that I thought I owned and he has 3 million dollars worth of judgments against him. I had to hire a real estate lawyer to get me out of this mess; so that I become the owner free and clear. My paragraph reads like this:

"The phone rings and the voice of my lawyer tells me I am approved for the assumption and assignment of the co-op. The judgements against 'Roger' [his real name has been deleted for obvious reasons] are not against the apartment. I now own this apartment free and clear. I can sell it or sublet it, and whatever profit I make is mine. I have resolved the issues with 'Roger' Please make this or something better happen in ways that are for the highest good for me and for everyone involved.

"Well, Thursday evening around 7PM, my lawyer called to tell me that the lawyer for my co-op had given us the OK to put the stock certificate and proprietary lease in my name only!!!!!! I know I still have a ways to go for the entire thing to happen, but the hardest part is over. I will become the owner free and clear. Thank you."

Samantha [also, for the sake of privacy, not her real name]


Now, if you would like new freedom and possibilities in your life, I promise my method is an absolutely reliable way to open the doors for you. In fact, I not only promise it - I GUARANTEE it.

That's a bold claim, I know, but I've seen it happen over and over again for people who are ready to go for what they want.

Are you? Remember, there's no risk… except the risk of getting used to finally having what you really want. :)



That's what happened for this reader:

"At the beginning of the month I did a CT (Cybernetic Transposition) Basic 3-Step exercise for a financial goal of $25,000.00 in gross profits on or before March 31, 2003. Well I hit that goal last Friday March 21, 2003! I wanted to share that success with you. You can pass along my story if you like to, with first name only please."




"My success story about my job is pretty fun to tell. One of the people who I most like -- whose material I have studied his material for a long time -- is Bob Proctor. I wanted more that anything to work with him in his company. The only thing was, I did not know him personally, nor did I know anyone who did.

"Not only that, but I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and his offices are in Canada, Australia, and Arizona. I did not want to move. So I set a goal where I would not only be working with Bob, but I'd do it out of my home, by email, phone, and conference calls.

"Not too long after setting the target, I 'got' that I should write him an email and simply ask if he had anything available at the moment. Anyway, to make a long story short, he did not respond to my email. Three weeks passed and I was wondering what to do, but I still felt that I was on track.

"So around Christmas time my father was at the airport returning home, and he saw Bob standing there in the airport. He then went and introduced himself and said how much he loved his work. When Bob heard his name, he asked if he had any relation to me, and my Dad said, 'Yes, he is my son' Bob then said, 'I have been meaning to call him. Give him my cell number and tell him to call me on Tuesday'

"You can imagine the excitement when I spoke with my Dad next and I asked about his trip and he goes on to explain how he met Bob, etc., etc. So I call Bob that next Tuesday and get his voice mail. I leave a message and another 2-1/2 weeks pass.

"Then, after the holidays one Saturday morning, I woke up with strong body feelings and did a SACP (Super Achievement Clearing Process). My unconscious said to call Bob right then that morning. I did so and had a very nice conversation with him, as if we were old friends.

"He then told me it was very timely that I called, since he was expanding and opening a new division in his company and could use some help. So to sum up what happened then: He put me in touch with the President of the Company and now I am the International Development Director for Life Success Consultants. I am working from home through email, phone and conference calls.

"All I have to say is… Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for your genius."

Terry Hansen



"I spend a lot of time in my car and I find that is the best time for me to sort things out in my mind. I 'wrote' (in my mind) my list of the most important ideas, prioritized it as you suggested and came up with 2 items that I had to deal with quickly.

"Both of them involved having to ask another person to help me make them happen, but I didn't know who. I had been trying to find whom I could ask to help me with these for some time now, but could never find the right person.

"I then did the process as outlined in your bonus 'How to Find Your Perfect Partner,' and a name came back loud and clear.

"My conscious mind said that this is a very busy person, and the chances of her accepting my proposal would be pretty slim. But imagine my joy when I presented the project to her, and she said, 'What a good idea. I'd love to do this with you'

"Things are really happening now and a whole lot of ground level processes are being established for my business."

Claire Schulz



"I've been waking up each morning now, asking myself, 'What is it I truly want to do today, and have that action, whatever it is, bring me what I need to continue?'

"It's been 3 months now I've been doing that. Long enough so that I know this is no fluke, no coincidence, no lucky situation. I'm in sales, so I must produce on a consistent basis. I decided that it wasn't making me happy and I didn't want to do it anymore. At the same time, I didn't want to quit my job because there are many aspects which I do like. Sounds confusing and it is.

"Here's the upshot. I don't 'work' anymore, I still have my job, but only the clients I want come to me (out of the complete blue, by the way). I spend my time doing EXACTLY what I want, and at the end of the month, have the necessary money to pay the bills. My wife is really starting to wonder...

"I have, at this point, manifested many hundreds of things. From the smallest, to many things which, while not impossible, would be very difficult to say the least. I do it effortlessly as well. I'm keeping my job, (because I feel like it, and it's completely on my own terms).

"I keep setting bigger and bigger goals. I keep getting bigger and bigger results. I no longer question it."

David Seig



"Hi Stuart!

"I must say that your Cybernetic Transposition is awesomely effective. I've been studying Success Principles since 1973: Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, Maxwell Maltz, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Les Giblin, Richard Bandler & NLP, Michael Hall & Neuro-Semantics®, to name a few. Your system is comprehensive and VERY effective, and I'm EXTREMELY impressed with it!!"

John McCoy




"I purchased your ebook February 1, 2003. I used the target process to get my first First Place Win ever in anything. I'm a Ballroom dancer and we have dance competitions where a trophy is given for the best dance routine.

"I wanted to win, especially since I've never had a first place win. Well, I won and still can feel that wonderful sensation I had when my name was announced as the winner. Thank you. It works. I have tears of joy just thinking about it as I write you."

Patsy Mikaelian



"Well, Stuart, your program sure doesn't work very well.

"Sometime in January, I tried it to get $20,000 by April 2, 2003 -- and I didn't get it till the first week in May LOL!

"And the really neat thing about it is that the money came from a source I'd never heard of before that, and that would never have occurred to me in a million years.

"I mean, it's really quite incredible how it came to me. And to cap it off, there will be another $80,000 to follow between now and the end of the year.

"Best Regards,"

Dave Rogers



"Dear Stuart,

"A friend recently told me they had never seen anyone manifest ideas as fast as I do...I just think of an idea, speak it aloud, and in a few days- it is already coming to life. I have you to thank for that!

"My husband quit his job to design web sites for his own company. I had no job, and no car at the time. In the space of a month, we became national distributors for a new beauty product, I had a nice new-to-me car that I paid cash for, and we had rented our dream house (one I had been looking at for months).

"I had read every prosperity book out there- but I was never able to focus my intentions so effectively until I read your book.

"Thank you for making it possible to achieve my dreams every day. I have never had so much fun!"




"When I discovered your 'How to Get Lots of Money for Anything - Fast!,' I was in dire straits, struggling along with no job, writing resumes. I was sinking rapidly into deep debt and in fear of losing my home within a few months.

"I got your manual, and the long and short of it is, I got my old job back. It was part-time, but with a higher guaranteed minimum, I was instantly making more money than before.

"Not only that. It's now part-time, so I am free to explore doing other things that I didn't have time for before! If this isn't a miracle - what is?"

Graham Paris
Frinton-on-Sea, England



"About 7 months ago I read your book 'How to Get Lots of Money for Anything - Fast!' and I completed all the exercises recommended within it… The results I have achieved so far have been considerable, but I'm not really surprised because I wholeheartedly believed in what you wrote, as it felt so true.

"In the first six months of this year I have already earned twice as much income as all of last year… we have moved to a quiet location that much better suits our lifestyle… and, all of our bills are paid off.

"However, my story doesn't end here. Allow me to add what has occurred with my wife, who also read your book and implemented the materials… Not too long after she completed the exercises in your book and began to implement her Targets, she received a memo that her firm was closing its doors - with 2 days notice!

"By this time my income was soaring, and neither of us was concerned about money. So rather than immediately looking for another job, my wife decided to take a break and go visit her father for his 80th birthday - and then, to take another trip to visit our grandkids.

"While frolicking with Grammie, she received a cell phone call from a very well-known firm offering her a job with more responsibility and more money. They even faxed her job offer, which she accepted - all while she's on vacation!

"What more can I say? Your material works. I don't think we are really any different than most people, but we were willing to make the commitment of time and effort, and to believe in ourselves, and we did see results - and quickly.

"I should add, we continue to see results."

Elliot and Linda Jenkins
San Francisco



"Mere words don't describe the results. After reading your book through once and then going over it line by line and doing what you said, I made my goal pictures, opened my soul and spirit and heart up to it. Here is what happened:

"I sell a book, 'I Cured My Arthritis You Can Too' It sold over 241,987 off the Web. I put it into an ebook 3 years ago and it did okay.

"After only one month with you, the sales increased 6 times! My affiliates increased dramatically and the Subscriptions to my newsletter, 'Amazing Secrets To Fantastic Health,' increased by a third.

"I made few marketing changes. Just opened myself up. People are emailing and offering to help me do the technical work to increase sales. For free. I am astounded.

"I will continue to write my vision to the full and to finish your book. The results are miraculous. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to grow. Now I know anything is possible."

Margie Garrison
Largo, Florida



"I have a success story to share. Compared with others', it may not seem big, but it really is… I made US$722.54 in just three days in online sales, which really shot my sales records through the roof!"

Mohamad Latiff


'AN EXTRA £10,000 IN 48 HOURS'

"Last week, I set an objective of an extra £10,000 in 5 weeks, and within 48 hours the bank had extended the overdraft, my husband had been offered an extended limit on his credit card, my daughter found £15 in the park and a job on the house was cancelled because the contractor did not have the right paperwork- thus saving £600, and I worked out that we already had access to around £5000 of what we needed-

"After a bit of re-organising and re-prioritising, we were nearly there. Brilliant!

"I have now set a new objective for at least £7000 in the next 4 weeks (for several quite specific purposes) and I got substantial clarity on what I want to do as a money earning business, which I did not have before."

Amanda Goldston



"I have been working with the Fast Money book with great success. I love it and have found it filled in a lot of gaps that I had experienced with various metaphysical methods.

"Being an NLP master practitioner (and trainer) I, of course, immediately picked up on the NLP related pieces. So the Fast Money book has been - and still is - a great inspiration. I have had many successes in the past 3 months since I bought the book (and all the VERY much appreciated free unadvertised bonuses!)

"One example: December last year, husband lost job, I was incapacitated with a total hip replacement surgery and we were forced to declare bankruptcy. Very Low Point!!!

"From there, for the past 3 months we have cleared $10,000.00 a month in our computer recycling business, by following through on suggestions from my Uncle G (which is what I call my Gracious Unconscious), that were evoked during my working with your processes. That is just one example… we both (my husband and I) use the processes daily, with some interesting successes and personal growth revelations."

Jenny Swanpool



"I work as a temporary lecturer at a technological institute in Curitiba (Southern Brazil). In the middle of 2002, I planned a new executive education program (MBA) named 'Product Development Management' The program was planned to start in April 2003.

"The product development area in Brazil is not half as strong and valued as it is in developed countries. Thus, there were many doubts about that program becoming a reality. I tried to show a confident face, but I also had hidden doubts and body feelings that - now I know - were trying to tell me to do something.

"I became aware of CT in the beginning of 2003. I eagerly studied the materials and soon stated three objectives. But my level of patience was low and thus I didn't follow the recommendation of achieving the smaller objectives before proceeding to the larger ones.

"So even though I skipped some steps, when I created an objective related to having at least 27 people enrolled in the program - with less than a month before the deadline for enrollment in the program - the result was that 21 people got enrolled, making the program viable. Now I manage it and so far student evaluations are very good."

Marco Aurelio de Carvalho



"I just wanted to say that I am a twenty-six year old soprano and through using your techniques I was promoted from the chorus of the show I'm in at the moment to a solo part.

"This is the very first time I've had a solo part in a professional production. I've been trying to accomplish this for six years, but this is the first time I used your techniques... and bingo!

"I am just so happy... singing is the most important thing in my life, but before I read your book I felt that my destiny was not in my own hands.

"The crucial thing for me was the dialogue process with my unconscious. As I learnt the right way to do this on a daily basis I began to see how I was being piloted very smoothly towards my goal. I would like to tell all your prospective readers that this system really works!!!

"One happy singer,"

Kristy Swift



"I have been working with your methods for 14 months now, and I just wanted you to know that it's not all about the money.

"I have been overweight my entire life. As a kid I was always teased about being chubby, and as an adult I suffered the same humiliations. I have used your system to shed 85 pounds in the last year, and I am now at my ideal weight. I look and feel great."

Chris Rogers



"Last year I wanted to return to school and do a nursing program. A friend who also applied told me that there were over 800 applicants and they only took 70 people. He had to wait 3 years to get into the program. When I heard this my stomach dropped and I was really depressed. I had just ordered the get money fast program and wondered to myself if I could use CT to get into the university this year and not have to wait three years.

"I used the Cybernetic Transposition Super Achievement Target Process. I know that you never set out any examples, as such, for getting into a university, so I decided to use all the knowledge that was provided and try for myself; I had nothing to lose.

"I started in February of last year practicing every day, and by June I had received my acceptance letter and would be starting school in September. YES!!!! I had done it.

"I will be graduating this September and will be using CT to get my perfect job, and you know what? I know I will get it.

"Thanks Stuart!!!"

Paul Bouzane



This story is mind-boggling, listen:

"I am from Israel and I would like to tell my story on how I used the Cybernetic Transposition process to work for me.

"Transposition process to work for me. I began long distance running over 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) in 1978 when I was diagnosed with cancer as a result of working in a Lab that produced brake pads and clutch plates.

"I fasted and drank fruit and vegetable juice for 26 days I was totally healed and ran my first 10k race. After running for several years I had a dream of running a full marathon and wrote this wish in my journal in 1981. Although, I worked up to running about 30 k (20 miles) I never attempted to run the marathon.;

"In March of 2003, I received your course and set a target of running the marathon by January 8, 2004 around the lower half and back again of the Sea of Galilee starting from Tiberius.

"In November 2003, I injured my back and also the weather was very inclement, breaking a 5 year drought cycle. As a result I could not train properly at all and thought of dropping the whole ideal of participating this year in the race.

"However, when my coach asked me to pace the elder member (75) of our team in his first try I gladly accepted the challenge. At 55 years I paced my friend for over 6 1/2 hours in the cold and rain and as an added bonus he placed 3rd in his age category. I no longer fear the marathon and as a result I set a target of breaking the world record in my age category within the next 15 years.

"Thanks to your process I feel in my heart that I can do it.


Dr. Lincoln Jones



Here's a report that sums up what Cybernetic Transposition is all about.

"'How to Get Lots of Money for Anything - Fast!' caused me to leave my desire to overeat behind (despite the fact that I exercise, I am very educated in good health and am already eating right). Your ebook has really helped me to turn my attention, power, and focus on full speed by turning my unconscious into my ally, instead of my saboteur. I can't wait to apply it to my other areas of life."

Mark Richardson
Los Angeles



"Hi Stuart,

"Here's my story...and I am excited to be able to report back the results I have had with your 'How to make lots of money for anything fast'...and I am happy to extend this testimonial to anyone you want to share it with. No one should even hesitate to purchase your work...where would I be now if I had not read your work! I shudder to think.

"Before, I was flat broke, working for a software company that was going under...because we had no sales for almost 2 years. I had to accept a 20% cut in pay so they could stay afloat and keep me on board. I support a family of four (and now one on the way), and we're having a hard time getting by on my salary alone.

"I felt like I was flying a plane that was sputtering and near crashing into a mountain. Every month it seemed like we were getting further behind. So, exasperated, recently I prayed for help...and received an email that introduced me to you the next day.

"Then, when I read your book, at first I was unsure if I could use the it to really attract what I wanted effortlessly simply by following your instructions. But I did it anyway. What happened next will not only benefit me, but at least 4 other people who work with me.

"You see, starting a week or so after, two separate prospects popped out of nowhere. One is the largest deal ever for our company in North America...and we are the only vendor being considered...and the other is looking to buy in the next few days.

"I was literally handed two deals totalling $1.1 million dollars. My commission on them will be over $100,000...and that was just the beginning.

"Several prospects have contacted me looking for similar size for $230,000. This is after literally 2 years of scraping by on nothing. No one wanted what we sell...and the entire industry is still flat. No one can believe how much interest I am suddenly getting from prospects...and the quality of the deals is very reassuring. These folks have huge budgets and are serious about buying.

"To say that I am amazed is just not capturing the true feeling of gratitude and awe that I feel toward the turn around in my opportunities. Thank you, many families will be helped by this...and may even save the company itself.

"And, at the same time, a new investor came forward who has offered a generous proposal to buy our company...which would essentially solve our budget crunch and put me in an executive level position.

"Needless to say, Stuart, I am looking forward to reporting back to you in a few months...but I have to say that attracting money seems easy now, when before I think I had a cash repellant scaring it all away. And it is not like I have never been exposed to marketing or inspirational ideas before...I've read almost any leading "guru" you could name in the last 12 years.

"If reading my story will help even one person to decide to check out your work, then I will have given back something for what I have received."

Craig Perrine



"Allow me to share a personal story about how this material helped me this week.

"My wife and I rent. We made some mistakes when we were both in college that haven't allowed us to buy our own home quite yet. Right now, we live in an apartment in Oxnard, California. But we've slowly outgrown it. The children are bigger. We need more space.

"So it's time to move. Now for those who've been in our shoes before, the biggest problem with moving when you rent is not really moving. It's coming up with a security deposit. And when your credit is as terrible as ours is, the amounts expected for a security deposit are almost excessive. In fact, when a potential landlord asked us for a $8,000 deposit (first and last month's rent plus a $4,000 deposit) I told her that for that kind of money down, I should be buying the house.

"That's the background.

"To make a long story short. Brandy found the 'perfect' house, with plenty of space for the family AND a front and backyard (which is quite rare in California!). The problem. We needed to come up with a deposit. And we needed to do it in 3 days.

"I'll cut to the punch line. Using a technique I learned in Part 2 of Stuart's book, we received $1,800 cash in 18 hours...enough for the deposit AND more. Obviously, I can't and I don't promise that anything like that can happen to anyone else. All I can tell you is that Stuart's technology worked for me and my family. I believe that it's worth a shot for you to at least consider that it could work for you.

"Take a look at the book and decide for yourself."

Joe Jones, Jr.


'OVER $5,000 - OUT OF 'NOWHERE!'

"Dear Stuart:

"Since I last wrote to you, there has been a multitude of accomplishments and success stories. The latest one was my IRS plan. I figured that I would need about 5k plus my quarterly payments to meet my responsibilities.

"I set my plan in motion, wanted 5k the second week of April. I was getting nervous by the 9th of the month. I wrote out, 'I want 5k to come to me from nowhere, not from more sales, or working longer hours, from nowhere!'

"On 4/14, at a sales meeting my boss hands me two checks - back bonus and backend checks - total, $5,500. I had no idea that these bonuses were going to be issued to me. My wife almost fell out of her chair....

"At the same time, I had put in a request that my daughter would get a job she has been after for more than two years. I got a call from her on 4/15 that she got hired and was elated. Date she got the job, 4/14."

Tony Blandino



"Hi Stuart! Just wanted to give you a quick update on my progress.

"I downloaded 'How To Get Money for Anything Fast' around October 12th, 2002. By the end of the year - using your CT/SA process - I had put a closer to a very challenging 3 1/2 year relationship; found who I believe to be the love of my life and had a 100% increase in business over the same period from the year before!

"I have done courses, seminars and read 'tons' of books on achievement for a better part of a dozen years. Your material, however, is by far the most powerful to date!

"I thank you for all your outstanding work and how you've helped me to achieve and pull out of a very challenging previous 18 months.

"I still have some exciting goals I am working through... will keep you posted!


"Robert Gutierrez iCommunicate, Inc."

"Hi Stuart! You know I just pulled a Quick Books report for the period of Oct 1- Dec 31, 2002 and the same period the previous year and my sales didn't increase by 100%! They increased - are you ready for this - over 400%! And gross profits increased over 460%!

"You know Stuart, I hadn't gone and looked at the hard numbers until something inside me said - 'go look!' I did, and that was the increase.


"Anyway, thought you might like to know!

"Best wishes,"

Robert Gutierrez


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